About us

Short lines of communication

As a client, you want short lines of communication, direct insight into logistics processes and delivery times, a swift response and fast decision-making. We have to be efficiently organised to be able to provide all these things for you.

Helping you achieve your objectives

This is also the reason why we appoint personal account managers and work with specialists; we want to be able to anticipate your requirements, think with you and act quickly to help you achieve your logistics objectives!

Personal Touch in Transport & Logistics

G. van Doesburg Internationaal Transport B.V. stands for service-driven transport and logistics services. Over the last 35 years, we have grown from a start-up haulage firm in the 1970s to become a major full-service logistics partner. Our expansion is due to always placing the interests of our customers first and never forgetting the importance of personal contact.

We have everything under one roof, a modern and varied fleet of vehicles and a workforce that currently comprises 85 highly motivated employees who are proud of their company and dedicated to serving our customers. We are based centrally in the Netherlands and operate from brand new business premises. Modern, flexible, safe and ready for the future! Personal Touch in Transport & Logistics