Our people

G. Van Doesburg International Transport B.V. is a family business. We have grown from a start-up haulage firm in the 1970s to become a major player in today’s (international) transport market. With the workforce currently standing at 85 people, the company is still expanding under the management of Gijs van Doesburg and Director of operations Harco Burgers. They are assisted by Dyjan van Doesburg (operations), René de Kock (sales manager), Raymond van Doesburg (head of planning) and Jan Korsten (financial manager).


Gijs van DoesburgGijs van Doesburg

Is the co-managing director of the GD-iTS Group, the owner-manager of GD-iTS Warehousing B.V. and the independent owner-manager of G. van Doesburg Internationaal Transport B.V.

“Running a company is people-oriented. My approach to work is based on trust and sharing success.”



Harco Burgers

(Directeur of operations)

Managing a logistics organisation is comparable with playing top sports and we want to be in the Champions League.

“Everything revolves around people, drive and enthusiasm. Our goal as a team is to ensure that every day is better than the day before. In this way, we can work continuously on the development and quality of our organisation. Performing on a Champions League level is our first objective; staying in the Champions league is our second. For our customers’ sake, we won’t be satisfied with anything less.”


Dyjan van DoesburgDyjan van Doesburg

“I grew up in the transport sector. My daily work involves ensuring that our operations run smoothly and your cargo is loaded or unloaded at the right address on time.”


Rene de KockRené de Kock
(Sales manager)

“Nothing ever stands still in transport and logistics. It’s something I grew up with. I like to think with customers about how to meet their objectives in this field.”


Raymond van DoesburgRaymond van Doesburg
(Head of planning)

“Without proper planning, we would not be able to provide high-quality transport services. No matter how well we plan the routes, the real difference you can make as a transport company comes from being able to adapt and improvise. I can say categorically that we score very highly in this area!”


Jan-KorstenJan Korsten
(Financial manager)

“If an organisation wants to be successful, its processes have to run smoothly. My job is to ensure that our internal processes optimally support our transport operations.”