Appointment of new director of operations

Owner-director Gijs van Doesburg has appointed Harco Burgers as the new director of operations effective as of 1 July. Harco will be responsible for the daily running of the company. A logical step by 64-old Gijs, who, for the time being, definitely does not yet want to let go of the reins entirely.

Making what’s good even better

It’s been 40 years since Gijs van Doesburg took over the family business from his parents and now it’s time to pass on the executive management of the company. Harco Burgers (51), who has worked for more than 25 years in the logistics sector, will work together with the other members of the management team and the employees to ensure that the steady growth of the successful transport company further continues.

Doesburg-Gijs-Harco“We certainly do not intend to make any sweeping changes, but we do want to build on the expansion and the high-quality services that made this professionally-minded family business great. We will use modern-day innovative possibilities to do this. We are also going to optimise the key services that enabled the company to thrive and make them even more professional. We are going to make our existing successful formula even better and make the company even more ready for the future.”, commented an enthusiastic Harco Burgers.

Personal attention for long-standing business relations

Gijs van Doesburg will remain closely involved in the company as the managing director and majority shareholder. Now that Harco Burgers has become responsible for the executive management, Gijs will primarily concentrate on property management and fleet purchases. He will also stay in touch with long-standing business relations. According to Gijs, “The personal approach and direct lines of contact with our business partners and clients are key aspects of the way our fantastic family business operates.”

Business premises expansion

Van Doesburg’s current success is reflected in the concrete building plans. In the second half of 2017, Van Doesburg will start expanding its business premises in phases. The construction of a new innovative workshop will make vehicle service and maintenance even more professional. Warehouse capacity will also be augmented with a large number of square metres. The progress made with the construction work can be closely followed on this website and the social media on which Van Doesburg is active.