Container transport

G. van Doesburg Internationaal Transport B.V. provides various solutions for container transport in Europe. With regard to container size, the possibilities are unlimited. Handling 20, 30, 40 and 45 foot containers is part of our daily work, but we are also specialised in high cube containers!

We have trailers with a multifunctional chassis for carrying containers of different sizes. In combination with our 3-axle trucks, we are also able to transport heavier containers.

Container transport by road and water

We transport containers by road as well as water (via the barge terminals close to our business location). We also provide short sea options for transporting goods around Europe.

Container port customs procedures

The customs formalities for your containers can be completed in several ways: your containers can be cleared inwards through us or they can be forwarded under customs bond. This means they remain under customs supervision during transport. In this case, VAT and import duty are not yet paid on the goods in the container.

Our Planning department registers the containers in advance at the terminals in the port, which guarantees swift and efficient completion of the customs formalities.

Advantages of container transport

It obviously depends on your specific requirements, but if container transport is a possibility, it has the following advantages compared to other modes:

  • reliable and fast
  • safe transport method
  • just-in-time deliveries
  • Partnership with GD-iTS Forwarding

Our collaboration with GD-iTS Forwarding in the GD-iTS Group certainly makes us an effective partner in the container transport market. In most cases, our colleagues at GD-iTS Forwarding report container arrivals at the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam to our Container Transport department. We usually send containers to our warehousing facilities, but also directly to regular customers in the Benelux and Germany. Container transport through the rest of Europe is of course a possibility.